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Since February 20, 1996!

We have updated the "Woman Lake Chronicles" to include spring 2009 activities. This is the tenth update for a planned series of articles that summarize fishing strategies, techniques, success rates, unusual events, weather conditions and celebrations of our annual fishing trip to Woman Lake, Cass County Minnesota. In other words, these articles will focus more on the activity itself rather than the more mundane aspect of catching.

Thinking about fishing Canada for Muskies? We have recently added several new "how to" articles that are a must to read, especially if this will be your first trip to Canada. These articles, are found in "Muskie Adventures" and include information on Lake of the Woods, Osbourne Bay on Eagle Lake, Dryberry Lake, and Sabaskong Bay on Lake of the Woods.

Still being featured is: "A Fisherman's Guide To Fishing Bars"
(updated 10/1/02)
The article(s) center around fishing bars found in and around various Minnesota and Wisconsin lakes that we have fished over the years. The location and advice will guide you to the most relaxing and satisfying fishing that you will ever encounter - - - -

Sounds Fishy?? Read ON!


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