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AppleBee's, Burnsville, Minnesota

Okay, before we get into telling you about AppleBee's, we need to talk a bit about bars, and why people go there. For sure, the beer and all that is an attraction, but for us, there's something more.

The bartenders.

AppleBee's Resturant

Their company is one of the nicest of life's fringe benefits.

We've already told you about Chuck at the Boathouse, Kelly at Floyd's Place, and there's a bunch of others we'll introduce to you later on.

But for now, after a hard, fruitless day of Muskie fishing, you want a lift? You want to meet a real sweetheart? Go to AppleBee's in Burnsville.

Go see Cindy.


Well, the smile that greets you as you sit down at the bar would be enough on its own. And then watching her dance around behind the bar as she serves the crowds that frequent the place is something else. One of these days I'm going count how many arms she has - doing all that she does at one time with only two of them has to be impossible.

But those are not the main things. What is? Well, you see... the lady fishes muskies. And, she talks muskies.

Quick question: How many of you hotshots have caught a 50–incher? Right.... Go talk to Cindy... You want to know about fishing Waconia and the other West Metro lakes? Go talk to Cindy. Go ask her about the time she and her husband Joe were out on that small lake just off Highway 5, casting for bass, and then, out of the weed bed.... Just go ask.

Cindy At Applebee's

And, if you're one of her favorite customers, like Marie and I are, you'll be rewarded with a smile and fish talk and more.

And while you're at it, sample the Honey Weiss with a lemon, in a tall glass, and the Buffalo Wings and various other bar munchies that Applebee's offers. And if you want a full dinner, Caesar Salad, any of that, you're at the right place.

Now we have to admit, they're a bit light in the pulltab and pool table categories. But hey! Life is a set of tradeoffs, and this is a nice place to drop by and have a beer and and snack and those other fringe benefits.

Marie and I go on Sunday evenings a lot, when the crowds have thinned out, and Cindy is there, and the Leinie's and muskie talk flow.

Tomorrow you'll go back to work, and so will we, and the next weekend and Lake Waconia and that 50–incher will be just a distant hope. But tonight, we'll be at AppleBee's in Burnsville.

One of our favorite Fishing Bars. Until Cindy is gone.

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