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The Wharf

Walker, Minnesota

Here's the deal on this one. It's really as much a restaurant as a bar, but they do have pulltab's even if the pool table is absent. The food is fine, and K.C. will be friendly as she flits about serving the customers.

The Wharf, Walker, MN

But the major attraction is that the Wharf is only two blocks from the city boat slips (free boat parking) on Walker Bay. That makes it mighty convenient to come in off the lake in your boat, park it, stop by Reed's, and then have a couple of cold ones at the Wharf. We do that quite often when we fish the September Muskies Inc. international tournament on Leech.

Let me comment on Reed's. They've got infinitely more varieties of fishing nonsense than you could ever hope to use, and it's seductively dangerous to go there. Peters and I have never stopped by intending to buy anything more than a couple of steel leaders. We've never left without spending less than $100. Be careful!!

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The Wharf, Walker, Minnesota. Another delightful"Fishing Bar."

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