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Northern Pike "Big Fish" Records

The following is the summary Northern Pike "Big fish" Records in ranking order – Caught on our Annual Spring Woman Lake Walleye and various Fall Muskie Fishing Trips since records were kept starting in 1986. Sorry:
Catching northerns are purely accidental Exception:
Jack Sikora and Lee Woll who "don't get" walleye fishing. A quick look at the walleye record stats confirms this fact!!

Bob Morrice's 35-incher Bob Morrice's 35–incher
Spring 1998

All Time Northern Fishing Records

Picture of a Northern
The Current Leader

Rank Fisherman Year Lake Length App. Wt.
1J. Ozols92Eagle 40in 18 lb, 4 oz
2G. Peters94Woman38 1/2 in 17 lb
3L. Woll95Woman37 in 14 lb, 8 oz
4J. Sikora96Woman37 in 14 lb, 8 oz
5P. Kelly93Eagle35 in 12 lb, 4 oz
6R. Morris98Woman35 in 12 lb, 4 oz
7R. Zieman94Eagle35 in 12 lb, 4 oz
8P. Kelly94Eagle35 in 12 lb, 4 oz
9L. Woll93Eagle34 in 11 lb, 4 oz
10R. Zieman98Leach33 1/2 in 10 lb, 8 oz


Rank Fisherman Year Lake Length App.Wt.
11J. Sikora93Eagle33 in 10 lb, 4 oz
12J. Sikora93Eagle33 in 10 lb, 4 oz
13G. Peters96Woman33 in 10 lb, 4 oz

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