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Smallmouth Bass "Big Fish" Records

The following is the summary Smallmouth Bass "Big fish" Records in ranking order - Caught on our Annual Spring Woman Lake Walleye and various Fall Muskie Fishing Trips since records were kept starting in 1986. The only lake where we actually fished for smallmouth bass was Grindstone Lake in north central Wisconsin. All others are purely accidental!

A Very Nice Smallmouth

All Time Smallmouth Bass Fishing Records

Picture of a Smallmouth Bass
The Current Leader
Rank Fisherman Year Lake Length App. Wt.
1G. Peters93Woman21 1/2 in7 - 8 lb
2J. Ozols96Woman20 1/2 in5 lb, 12 oz
3A. Greenseid01Woman20 1/2 in5 lb, 12 oz
4G. Peters95Woman19 1/2 in4 lb, 12 oz
5J. Ozols91Grindstone19 1/4 in4 lb, 8 oz
6R. Zieman00Woman19 in4 lb, 4 oz
7A. Greenseid00Woman19 in4 lb, 4 oz
8J. Ozols99Woman19 in4 lb, 4 oz
9J. Ozols93Woman19 in4 lb, 4 oz
10J. Ozols91Eagle19 in4 lb, 4 oz

Also Rans

Rank Fisherman Year Lake Length App.Wt.
11J. Baker94Eagle18 1/2 in 4 lb
12B. Boettcher87Woman18 1/2 in 4 lb
13M. Julik89Grindstone18 in 3 lb, 8 oz
14G. Peters94Woman18 in 3 lb, 8 oz
15G. Peters97Woman18 in 3 lb, 8 oz
16R. Zieman97Woman18 in 3 lb, 8 oz
17J. Ozols97Woman18 in 3 lb, 8 oz

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