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"All Time Record Fish Production Records"

The following is the summary of the "All Time Record Fish Production Statistics", for all of our annual spring walleye and fall muskie fishing trips. Record fish are defined as the top ten in length as found in "Big Fish Records". This includes the top ten in each category (walleyes, northerns and smallmouth) as well as all of the muskies ever caught.
We began fishing as a group in the spring of 1982. The old addage, "Time On The Water" doesn't always yield high averages of recordfish – luck has more to do with it (being at the right spot at the right time)! Unfortunately statistics were sparsely recorded in the vVery early years and some potentially record fish were not recorded (1982–1985).

YEARS: 1982-2003
Total Fish
Record Fish
Juris Ozols3156150.44
Jerry Peters3124100.45
Bruce Boettcher2-1140.08
Pat Kelly-2--20.13
Rick Zieman121590.53
Lee Woll-2--20.17
Jack Sikora-1-450.56
Mike Julik--1-10.14
Olie Marchand------
Jim Baker--1-10.17
* Chris Ozols------
* Greg Marchand------
* Jon Peters------
* Bret Boettcher------
Ron Reich---110.50
* Brian Peters------
Uldus Birznieks------
Bill Peters------
Bob Morris-1--10.33
Mike X.------
Stan Stanley------
Ron Samuels------
* Kevin Samuels------
* Mike Julik Jr.------
Bill Molyneux---111.00
Peter Hunt------
Kurt Streets------
Jim Hoffer------
Hugh Perry------
Andrew Greenseid1- 2 - 3 1.00

* Sons Attending
Woman Lake, Minnesota:Spring 1982-2003
Grindstone Lake, Wisconsin:Fall1987-1991, 1996
Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada:Fall1992-1995, 1999
Leech Lake, Minnesota:Fall1994-1999
Chippewa Flowage, Wisconsin:Fall1996
Dryberry Lake, Ontario, Canada:Fall2002-2003

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