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2003 Menu For Twenty Second Annual
Woman Lake Spring Trip

The planning meeting was held at the Page Sports Bar ( now called the All American Sport Grill), in Bloomington, on Wednesday April 30th. Over the years this meeting really was a "planning meeting" where attendance, dates and duration were important considerations. Primarily, I needed to coordinate the trip with my mother who controlled the cabin's "visiting" schedule. With that negotiation eliminated, the meeting has just turned into a touch and feel meeting, catching up on happenings since the "Garlic Fest" and into a plain old bull session. This year it was attended by an unusual crew: Ozols, Zieman, Kelly, Boettcher, Sikora, Woll, and myself.

This year I planned to be at the cabin for the opener and through Memorial Weekend. This allowed everybody to attend graduations, weddings and the Twin City Chapter of Muskies Inc. Youth Day's introduction to fishing to be attended – Sort of an open door policy, which allowed everyone to come and go as their schedules permitted, otherwise several would not have be able to attend. Although Boettcher had indicated he was coming, he finked out at the last minute, breaking a string of nearly 16 years. And he wouldn't confide why. It is going to make cooking "real" work without my "sue" chef.



Ingredients for making salads will be available for anyone desiring to make one.
All dressings found in the refrigerator are available. Otherwise they can bring their own choice

Thursday - May 16th

I've been at the cabin for several days now. Mary left earlier in the day in preparation for Jack's and Lee's arrival in the late evening.

Evening Meal

Because it was only the three of us, I grilled brats and fixed some sauerkraut. To round out the meal, ice cream was offered, but none taken.

Friday - May 17th

Pat Kelly was supposed to arrive today but didn't. Jack and lee helped me launch my boat (Mary doesn't like to help me because if something were to go wrong, I'd yell at her) as well as theirs and then went fishing for northerns in Lantern Bay and caught quite a few. I stayed at the cabin and puttered around the rest of the day - mostly getting the boat ready for walleyes. You say that I've been here nearly a week and haven't been walleye fishing?

Old age is becoming!

Evening Meal

At the time of this writing, I can't remember what I prepared for Jack and Lee. At any rate it was nothing of note or I'd have remembered.

Saturday - May 18th

Pat Kelly arrived in the late morning and we went fishing. Jack and lee went fishing for northerns again, but the cold got to them and they spent the rest of day watching westerns! Yes, I broke down and installed a satellite dish for those doldrums days. Juris picked up Peter Hunt at the airport and arrived late afternoon. No more were arriving today. Now we are six.

Shrimp Coctail with Sauce on Platter Evening Meal

Cooked Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce

Main Course:
Succulent marinated beef tenderloin, slowly char-broiled over real charcoal until medium rare. Served with lightly floured sautéed sea scallops and mushrooms.
No dessert since Boettcher was AOL.

Sunday - May 19th

Hugh Perry arrived late afternoon. Now we were up to seven.

**Special Lunch Bonus**

Very Black and Burn't Hot Dogs

Very Crunchy Hot Dogs

(I forgot'em on the grill)
(I can't do everything ya know)

Evening Meal

Spring Salad garnished with freshly grated parmesan cheese.

Chicken Marsala, with capers, mushrooms and chopped scallions, garlic mashed potatoes, sautéed French cut
string beans topped with toasted almonds.

Monday - May 20th

Pat Kelly left early afternoon and Rick Zieman arrived late afternoon.
Stayed at seven.

**Special Breakfast Bonus**

Freshly baked, pecan topped,Cinnamon Rolls

Evening Meal
Caesar Salad, tomatoes, garnished with
freshly grated parmesan cheese.

Spicy Seafood Marinara with shrimp, calamari, and sea scallops over Angel hair pasta and garlic bread

Tuesday - May 21st

Hugh Perry left to take Peter Hunt to the airport for his trip back to Texas, while Jack and Lee left because they got bored watching westerns. That leaves Zieman, Ozols and I. And I'm still without a walleye. HELP!

Evening Meal

shrimp cocktail

Char-broiled New York style strip steaks. Served with a baby onion and pea medley and baked potato.

Wednesday - May 22cd

Evening Meal

shrimp cocktail

With only three of us left, including sous chef Zieman that considerably lighted my cooking load, and went back to simple and basic. I let them raid the refrigerator for whatever they could find.

Thursday - May 23rd

Evening Meal
The Last Supper

Mixed greens salad with vine ripened tomatoes, Italian dressing. Slow roasted and succulent medium rare prime "ribless" roast with yorkshire pudding ("popovers") and lots of au jus to soak into the pudding - a pure joy.

Prime Rib Dinner

Friday - May 24th

Rick Zieman and Juris Ozols packed up and left after a last ditch effort to catch that last walleye failed. I remained skunked. On a brighter side, Mary was coming back up to the cabin along with my sons/wives/grand kids over Memorial weekend.

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