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1997 Menu For Annual Woman Lake Spring Trip

The Following Is Planned To Be Made Available


(everybody must fend for themselves)

Cereals: High Fiber Kellogg's Mini-Wheat's or Post Bran Flakes
Garnish with fresh bananas or strawberries
Other fruit available are grapefruit/oranges/apples
Healthy Choice Toast with Grape jelly/margarine
(eggs and bacon or french toast/pancakes with sausage
for those souls that dare)


(everybody must fend for themselves)

The infamous bacon/lettuce/tomato sandwich
Low fat turkey/boloney/ham sandwich meats on bread
garnish with sliced cheeses/onions/tomatoes/pickles/dressings
Tomato soup and crackers
A Hearty Vegetable Soup
and New England Clam Chowder
Grilled ham and cheese or cheese only
Tuna Fish on low fat bread
Charcoal grilled chicken sandwiches (or hamburger)
Raw veggies – broccoli/celery/carrots – low fat dip


Regular and low/no fat potato chips – no/low fat dips
Regular and no fat tortilla chips with Chi-Chi's mild salsa
Fat–free cookies
Any of the above fruits
Any raw vegetable with dips
Bring your own


Peel and eat shrimp cocktail
A Plainly Good Bruschetta
Raw veggies - broccoli/celery/carrots - various dips
Garlic bread with parmesan cheese
Seafood Cocktail
Onion Tartlets


(All evening meals can be accompanied by a salad.
Choice of Italian, Blue Cheese or Ranch dressings.
Tomatoes/onions/croutons garish.)

Wednesday - May 14th

(the gang's arriving all day long)
Your on your own after seven o'clock though
Grilled Swordfish smothered in a mushroom
/shallot/scallop/caper gravy
Baked Potato with sour cream

Thursday - May 15th

SpicySeafood Marinara over Angel Hair Pasta
The Plainly Good Bruschetta as appetizer
Garlic Bread

Friday - May 16th

Sichuan Chicken and Vegetables
Served with Chicken Fried Rice
Goes Great with Hot Sake'

Saturday - May 17th

Grilled Spicy Garlic Pepper Chicken Parmesan with
Bold Tomato Sauce over spaghetti.
Italian Garlic bread

Sunday - May 18th

Well - We are projected to be down to two. Leftovers are served

Charcoal grilled chicken or hamburger on bun
Garnish with onion/tomato/lettuce/mustard/ketchup/mayo
B & M Baked Beans
Potato Chips

Monday - May 19th

Whatever or whoever is in the Frig

Tuesday - May 20th

Time to go home - cooking ended Saturday

In order to save time and energy, this is the complete
shopping list for the 1997 Menu Planner.

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Date Created: April 10, 1997
Last Modified: March 18, 2004
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