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Dryberry Lake, Ontario, Canada


Dryberrys Many Islands and Rock Reefs

We went up to Dryberry that year, 2002, my first Muskie trip to Canada in a couple of years. My buddy Tom Bastian, former proprietor and chief engineer of Huntertail Bucktails but no sadly a Harley Bum, knew guide Neal Larson up there. We had gotten all kinds of exotic stories about Dryberry via Tom and Neal, and so we went.

The stories were spot on – Dryberry is a wonderful, magical lake. We fished for a week, and saw only two other boats during that time, neither one Muskie fishing. We ourselves caught a few Muskies, and saw a couple that defy description.   We also caught Smallmouth Bass at will. A beautiful, enchanting lake.

The day we came back a wild storm blew through. I took a bunch of pictures, one of which ended up as the cover photo for the October 2002 Muskie magazine.   I also took several hundred other pictures, which I've used numerous times for all kinds of things.

I wrote the first story you are about to read, which ran in two parts in October and November Muskie magazine. It's one of the nicest written stories I've ever done, and captures Dryberry and our week very well.

After you've read it, I'll tell you more.

"You'll Fall In Love With It"


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