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Muskie Fishing

Fall 1996

on the

Chippewa Flowage, Wisconsin

 Our Cabin's Calender

A Note to the Reader

I chanced upon the above calendar entries from which this piece is drawn on a fishing trip with a bunch of guys in the fall of 1996. It struck me that the few odds and ends of scribbling – 41 words in 24 lines – had all the elements of a classic short story: A beginning, a middle, an end, conflict, rising tension, a climactic moment, resolution, a denouement.

Intriguing! But, oh, so brief!

It couldn't be left there: I took it upon myself to fill in the details, to bequeath it to the world. And here it is, as best I could deal with it.

Let me comment briefly on the "spicy language" of the title and in the story. I apologize to those of you who may be offended by it, but it's an integral part of the story. I cannot bowdlerize it without losing the essence of the tale. And in any case, that's the way a respectable percentage of (themselves respectable) Muskie fishermen talk. The rest of us just might as well learn to put up with it.

And one last comment. Despite that title, my own bunch of Muskie fishermen had a glorious time on the "Chip," and especially at the resort. I heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a place to spend a few days on that most elusive of pastimes, Muskie fishing.

And with that, let us cast forth......

Juris Ozols
Apple Valley


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