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Twentieth Annual Woman Lake Walleye
Spring Fishing Trip Preview


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Date Line: February 25, 2001
To: Woman Lake Chronicles member list
From: Juris Ozols,

A snowy evening in Minnesota, but the blizzard of the last few days is waning. Spring is creeping up on us. 'Tis time to start thinking fishing...

For those of you from last year, who got our daily Woman Lake walleye reports and pictures from our annual trip up there in May, greetings! We trust that you'll be interested again this year, and rest assured that you're still on our email list.

For those of you that are new this year, welcome. Here's what this is about: My crowd of fishing buddies has been going up to Woman Lake in central Minnesota for our annual "Fishing Opener" trip for 20 years now, come this May. Last year, on our 19th trip, we sent out daily evening reports and digital pictures on our adventures. Jerry Peters, cabin owner and chef extraordinaire, has compended those reports entitled Woman Lake Chronicles on the groups Fishing Memories web pages – and you might like to visit there. We'll be doing it again this year, and we also will do some live "webcasts" from the lake if we can manage to make the technology work. Stay tuned. This year we'll be going up on May 20th, and staying most of the week. You're getting this preview so that you'll know be ready for us, (or to unsubscribe if this whole thing is too much for you – let me know).

I also need to report to you that we had our annual winter planning meeting – our "Garlic Feast" - today, and got the plans in place for our trip. The attached picture shows Jerry with just one course of the great dinner he prepared for us tonight, replete with Garlic and Spice. This is an annual tradition for us, and kicks off fishing season, even if it's still a couple of months until we wet a line.

Okay, enough for now. I'll update you on our plans a couple of times before we head off for Woman Lake, and then you'll be getting those daily reports and pictures from up there.

Keeper Of Garlic and Spice

Cheers – Juris, for all of our crowd.

P.S. Last year I had to start a FAQ about our trip because all of the questions that arose. I already have one this year, per the following.


Question 6:
Why are you doing this? Are you nuts?

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Date Line: May 12, 2001
To: Woman Lake Chronicles member list
From: Juris Ozols,

Hey there again!

This is my second Woman Lake preview for 2001. Before I give you regulars from last year the update, I need to take care of the newcomers to the report. For those of you receiving this out of the blue, and wondering what's going on here, let me direct your attention to the end of this email where I provide some background.

Okay. We had our traditional "Woman Lake Planning Meeting" at the Sports Page Bar and Grill last week, and things are in place. This year Andrew (my son–in–law) and I will be going up on Thursday, the 17th, and the rest of the crowd will be filtering in over the next two days. We're staying through Thursday. You'll get the first daily report from the lake that first Thursday night, as Andrew and I expect to get some serious Walleyes by then.

Jerry Peters holding a Walleye

I need to tell you that I'll have my new "Titanium G4 Macintosh" with me, complete with Photoshop 6, so you'll be getting some quality digital pictures this year. Jerry and I are also bringing all kinds of wireless equipment up there, and hopefully we'll be able to do a live web cast from the boat. Stay tuned.

To whet your appetite for my reports, I'm attaching a picture from last year. That's Jerry with one of the fine walleyes he caught. (Jerry is the one with the open mouth.) We got 62 Walleyes and 41 Northern Pike last year, all released of course. I expect more this year. And you'll be getting the reports daily.


I've gotten one more question since the last time to add to the FAQ;

Question 7:
How do I get off this screwy Woman Lake e-mail list thing?

Answer 7 Button

And... Cheers —


Woman Lake Chronicles Part II


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