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Twenty–First Annual Woman Lake Walleye
Spring Fishing Trip Preview

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Date Line: January 27, 2002
To: Woman Lake Chronicles member list
From: Juris Ozols,

Greetings to all you old friends from the last two years of Woman Lake Reports. Spring is almost here in Minnesota. The sport shows are in full swing. The fishing juices are starting to flow. I have some Woman Lake preview news for you.

And I hasten to note for you newcomers to the list this year that you'll be getting reports from me on my crowd's annual (now 21st) walleye fishing trip to Woman Lake this year. We go in mid-May, and every night of our week–long trip, I'll be sending you fishing reports, statistics, and pictures, taken by our digital cameras and prepared on my beautiful Macintosh Titanium Powerbook.

Why, you may ask, will you be blessed with those daily emails in May? Hey, well... I don't know. You just will. This is me.

We'll have the 2001 stuff out there too, real quick, as soon as Peters gets his act together. (And if you want to unsubscribe to this near–spam nonsense, please send me a check for $30 for postage and handling – it was $25 last year but inflation, you know – and I'll take you off the list.)


but in any case, for our old-timers and newcomers both, here's some news.

First – the picture that you received with this email has nothing to do with Woman Lake. It's a shot of a brand–new replica mount of my 50–inch Muskie, above my fireplace. I thought that it looked so nice that you would just want to see it.

Replica Of Juris's Musky

Second – we're having our annual "Midwinter Garlicfest" at my place on February 23rd. That's the occasion when our fishing crowd gets together, swaps lies about last year, and plans for the next. Jerry Peters makes a superb, garlic–laden dinner. My townhouse reeks of garlic for weeks afterwards. but it's a great get–together to kick off the coming fishing season.

This year, and I say this with some trepidation, you are all invited!! If you'd like to join us, let me know, and you will be warmly greeted with Garlic and Spice and fishing stories and pictures, and you get to see my Muskie in person. We'd love to have you. Contact me for details.

For those that can't make it, I'll have a picture or two and a report after the event.

And then, I'd like to announce that this year we'll be doing a bit of a change on the daily WL reports. Every night we'll be posting a set of pictures on Jerry's web page – – and giving you the URL in the daily report. That way, you'll be able to peruse these photos at your leisure, instead of having them clutter up your mailbox. Plus, I'm having a "Photo of the Trip" contest, and you'll have your chance to vote on the best picture. First prize will be a dinner with me, paid for by me. Second prize will be two dinners. More details on that later.

Okay – enough for now. I'm already hot to head up north for the walleyes. It's only four months away, and I just know that this year I'll get that big Momma I've been looking for these last two decades. And you'll get the picture and the story! Stay tuned.

Cheers —


Date Line: May 15, 2002
To: Woman Lake Chronicles member list
From: Juris Ozols,

Hey there again!

Greetings again, for the the third year now, to all our faithful Woman Lake Reports and to those of you who may have stumbled into this thing from an obscure corner of the web. I explain the whole thing in the following treatise. Once you understand, kindly close the window and pick up with the preview report.

Jerrys New Cabin on Girl Lake For you old–timers, lots of news. First, Jerry has a new cabin on Girl Lake which is connected directly to Woman by a very short (900 ft.), very navigable, segment of the boy River called the "channel" (very clever). This will be our first year there. We'll have some pictures. Second, Jerry got a new van because he could afford it. I got a new van because I couldn't afford the Jeep.
We'll do the new thing with embedded pictures on his web page every night, that you can peruse at your leisure. As an example – go check out the DNR Walleye Milking posting where Jerry has explained how the DNR "milks" early spring, Woman Lake walleyes as they swim up the boy river to spawn, replete with copious photos. Interesting stuff. Woman to Girl Channel
Looking From The Dock Toward Channel

Okay – we're all heading up there tomorrow, usual crowd: Me, my SIL Andrew, Kelly, Zieman, boettcher, Woll, Sikora. Peters is already up there (he basically lives there now), and Peter Hunt will be coming up from Texas (just for our company!). Rookie Mark Grovak will join us on Friday through Sunday morning. The first report will be tomorrow night. I predict we'll have 17 fish by then, caught and all released, of course.

Cheers —

Woman Lake Chronicles Part III


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