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Twenty–Third Annual Woman Lake Walleye
Spring Fishing Trip Preview

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Date Line: May 14, 2004
To: Woman Lake Chronicles member list
From: Juris Ozols,

Hey there friends - It's Woman Lake time again!

I'll be heading "Up North" on Saturday, and you'll start getting the customary daily reports that evening. Most of the usual gang of suspects will be in attendance again this year. And unlike last year (7 walleyes) I'm cheerfully expecting we'll catch dozens and dozens of the elusive critters. (I always cheerfully expect that...)

Jerry Peters is already up at the cabin, and he reports that today the temperature was in the 30's with light snow. Furthermore, the lake is really low, and he can't get to within 10 feet of his dock before running his boat aground.

Go take a look at Spring Trip 2004 Preview Images for some pictures of the dock and beach and all that.

And - although Jerry didn't say this - I'm sure the price of shiner minnows in Longville has jumped again.

There you have the bad news.

The good news is that it's time to go fishing, after that long minnesota winter . And that makes one's soul sing, even in the face of scroungy weather, shallow water, and expensive minnows. I don't care - it's walleye time!

You know, I've thought about that. I believe the "fishing opener" celebrates the ancient tradition of the spring festival. It goes back into pre-history I'm sure, and is now honored by pagan, Christian and Jewish faiths alike. The dead of winter is gone, the renewal of spring is all around you, and it's time to put the cares of the world behind and celebrate the rebirth of life. What better way to do that than out on a lake with friends in the boat and fishing pole in hand?

Ooops, didn't mean to start that. I usually don't star sermonizing until the third day out of the trip...

Anyway, Jerry has updated the web site with last year's reports, and covers the last four years now. You may want to go take a look at "Woman Lake Chronicles" . Interesting to look back and see how we did. We'll do better this year. See? The eternal optimism of spring.

Okay, before I get carried away, enough for now. I'll have the first report for you on Saturday. As usual, send in your comments and questions, we really enjoy those too.

And... Cheers —

Woman Lake Chronicles Part V

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