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Twenty–Fifth Annual Woman Lake Walleye
Spring Fishing Trip Preview

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Date Line: May 18, 2006
To: Woman Lake Chronicles member list
From: Juris Ozols,

Dear Friends —

Twenty Four years ago, 1982 — questions for you:

Who was president?

Ronald Wilson Reagan!! — (arguably the greatest President this country has ever had)

What was your email address?

Didn't have one!

What did the world know about Osama?

Not a lot I would say....

How long would it be before Steve Jobs would introduce the fabulous 
Macintosh computer?

Not sure....

The globe was warmer or colder?


A six-pack of beer and a gallon of gas cost you how much?

Nowhere near what it costs today, that's for sure!

Many other questions...

But the most important one:  What did I and my crowd of fishing 
buddies do for the first time?

Woman Lake!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW IT!!!!!

Well, that's the easy one.  We had our very first Woman Lake trip.   And we've done it every year since.  And this will be the 25th.

By now you're all used to this annual bit of doggerel that comes out   mid-May, the "Woman Lake Reports."  Once again, this year, our silver  anniversary, it's time.  You'll be getting them daily, again, for the  next five days.

Looking forward to each and every one my friend!!

Jerry Peters and I are going up tomorrow, we'll be on Woman Lake tomorrow evening, and I'll have the chronicles and pictures in your mailbox tomorrow night. Zieman and Kelly and Boetcher and Woll and Sikora this year, joined by Mark Grovak for the second time. (He's never caught a walleye before, but this year!)

The weather forecasts look promising, the walleye population came 
back up last year, and just hang on!



Woman Lake Chronicles Part VII


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