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Twenty–Seventh Annual Woman Lake Walleye
Spring Fishing Trip Preview

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Date Line: May 16, 2008
To: Woman Lake Chronicles member list
From: Juris Ozols,

Dear friends from the past years of Woman Lake Reports-

It is once again time for Woman Lake Spring. This will now be our 27th annual walleye trip, commencing today.

Unfortunately I myself am at home in Apple Valley, 8:30 am, because I retired yesterday and as is well known us unemployed folks move slow. However, Cabin Master, Webmaster, and Head Chef Jerry Peters, Rick Zieman, Pat Kelly, and Bruce Boettcher are already up there, out on the lake. And undoubtedly pulling in walleyes by the dozens. I will join them later this afternoon for the infamous "evening bite."

There's going to be only five of us this year, a few folks had to drop out for various reasons, but the quality of our fishing crew more than makes up for the lack of quantity.

You'll get the first days Woman Lake Report tonight. I'll have the usual report every night until the trip is over.

I've added a handful of newcomers to our mailing list, and you can go check out previous Woman Lake Chronicles for the last eight years of our annual Woman Lake Reports. You old timers might also enjoy perusing the tales of the past years.

That does bring up the painful subject of the link to the 2007 Report. It doesn't work. It has never worked. I don't know if it will ever work. I've railed and thundered at Peters to fix it for the entire past year. He has not done that. So you'll just have to relive 2007 in memory from the reports I sent last spring. If by some miracle he fixes it during the trip I'll let you know.

The best I can do right now is send you a picture from last year. It documented some of my adventures with my new boat, as you may recall. Well, I fixed that for this year. I'm not taking my boat and will fish from Jerry's boat. If he has adventures you will be the first to know. Last years boating accident

A quick note on the lake condition - It's been a very late spring and the ice went out only about a week ago. That means the walleyes might well be in a "post-spawn" state and not easily catchable. The first day usually sets the tone for the week, and if we don't get half a dozen fish (released as always), it might be a skimpy catching trip. But you do know, of course, the fishing will be awesome.

First report tonight.


Woman Lake Chronicles Part IX


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