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Twenty–Eigth Annual Woman Lake Walleye
Spring Fishing Trip Preview

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Date Line: May 12, 2009
To: Woman Lake Chronicles member list
From: Juris Ozols,

Spring in Minnesota, the ice is gone from the lakes, the trees are turning green, soft breezes blow, and it’s fishing time!

Year twenty-eight of our Woman Lake Walleye trips, and year ten of my Woman Lake Reports.  Our fishing crowd started coming up here in 1982, and I started these nightly email reports in 2000.  We must be close to some kind of records.

Okay, here’s the start of this year:  I came up by myself on Sunday to stay with my fishing buddy Jerry Peters at his Leech Lake cabin (see below).  I was scheduled to do a photo shoot of the Minnesota DNR doing Muskie netting and DNA sampling on Leech Lake, which turned out spectacular – lots of great photos, some of which are posted in today’s photo section.  The DNR got seven Muskies, with the biggest at 51 inches.  (Their “trap nets” also contained lots of other fish, all of which they put back in the lake, including a huge Walleye!)

Then, Jerry and I have been fishing Walleyes on Leech, awaiting the arrival of the rest of our crowd.  The Leech Lake walleyes have not cooperated – one 13 incher - so it’ll be a relief to move over to Woman Lake tomorrow when we congregate there.

However, Jerry and I did sneak over to Woman this evening and fished one of our favorite spots, Government Point, for an hour or so.  Jerry got an 11-incher before a storm chased us off the lake, so that’s a very modest but positive sign that better things may come this year.

Miscellaneous notes -

Loons: one of the high points of our trips.  We saw two pairs of Loons in the channel where they make nests most years, so hopefully we’ll get some pictures of them on the nest

Rocks:  I haven’t hit any rocks yet this year with the propeller on my boat.  And I fervently wish that it stays that way.

Cabins:  The Woman Lake cabin (see picture) no longer has internet access, so we have to come back in the evenings to Jerry’s Leech Lake cabin (see other picture) to post the WL reports.  I may be a bit tardy on some of those, perhaps delaying until the next morning, but I promise to make it happen.

Chicken Wings:  Every year Marie makes us a big pot of her awesome chicken wings for snacks.  They are a big hit with the fishing crowd.  I brought them up this year.  And I ate very many of them already.  We might have to get two pots next year.

Previous years:  You can go to: for links to the previous nine years of Woman Lake Chronicles.  Some quality literature and photographs there.


The pictures for today are at -

Okay, that’s enough for a starter.  Tomorrow Rick Zieman, Pat Kelly and Bruce Boettcher will be here, and we’ll get started fishing seriously.  Next report tomorrow night or Friday morning.


Woman Lake Chronicles Part X


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