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Monday's Pictures for May 19, 2003

Picture of Jerry's Dock and Boat Lift

A view into Jerry's dock area with a glimpse of the cabin through the trees. Jerry's Lund is under the canopy and Lee Woll's Crestliner is up against shore. Our mommy Eelpout/Dogfish lives just in front of the dock on the right.

Jerry Opening A Can For Lunch

Master Chef Jerry opening a can of Campbell's Baked Beans this morning. He got so much grief from that picture of the burnt hot dogs yesterday that he decided to do back off to something simpler. Actually, the reason I'm showing this photo is that Jerry couldn't open the can and Pat Kelly had to help him.

Pat and Juris Fishing Near Shore

A picture of Pat Kelly (back of boat) and me (front) this morning. And yes, it really was that damn cold.

Pat Fighting A Smallmouth Bass

Pat fighting the 17 1/2–inch Smallmouth Bass this afternoon. He caught it right off the buoy at Government Point. We regularly get Smallmouth there - Jerry caught a 21 1/2–incher a few years ago. I have to point out that Bass season isn't yet open, and we don't fish for them on purpose. However, they do bite on the Lindy Rigs and Shiners we use for Walleyes.

Jerry Untangling Line From Motor

Peter Hunt waving the rods, Hugh Perry observing things, and Jerry Peters untangling lines from the motor and other things. Jerry took lessons in tangling from Pat, and does it very well.

Sunset Through The Grey Cold Clouds

Jerry, Hugh, and Peter in Jerry's boat late in the day. We quit shortly after this for fear the lake would freeze over momentarily and we would be trapped.


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