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Saturday's Pictures For May 17, 2003

Pat and Jerry in Boat

Jerry Peters and Pat Kelly in Jerry's boat out in front of the cabin. You may notice that the motor is lacking a cover. That's because the motor is screwed up. Jerry is on his fourth outboard motor in the last five years. A long story. But we failed to get home only one time, on Eagle Lake in Ontario.

Pat Kelly Pointing To Nesting Dogfish

Pat Kelly on Jerry's dock, pointing out the enormous Dogfish (or is it Eelpout? Or Burbot? Click Here and scroll two–thirds down for a complete discussion on this critical issue) that has a spawning bed in the weeds there. The fish is some three feet long. This fish is a first in our 22 years of Woman Lake trips

Winter in the Channel

Because I got here late and didn't get much of a chance for photos, I'm giving you this nice shot Jerry took last winter from his dock. Excellent photography – I'll enter it in my Muskie Inc. photo contest.


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