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Sunday's Pictures For May 18, 2003

Pat Untangling Line from Motor

Pat Kelly untangling his fishing line from the main motor, the kicker motor, the two bait buckets, and the depth finder transducer. Pat has a real knack for that – the tangling part, I mean. He often seeks help in untangling.

Northern on top of Water Near Boat

This is a 19–inch Northern Pike being brought in by Jerry Peters. Note the "snagless sinker" of his Lindy Rig setup. The snagless sinkers are one of the few – perhaps the only – real useful inventions in fishing in the last ten years. They actually work. Last year I think we lost only one or two to snags, compared to probably a couple of dozen in previous years when we used the old style walking "slip sinkers." This applies to most of us. Pat has already lost three sinkers, but then see picture # 1.

Jerry Holding a Small Northern

Jerry Peters proudly holding the 19–inch Northern from picture # 2. He's forced to be proud of that fish cause he's not going to catch any walleyes this year.

Burn't Hot Dogs

Speaking of Jerry, over the years we've praised his culinary talents to the extreme. Now – the truth. This is the lunch he made for me today. Hot dogs, in case you can't tell. Crunchy hot dogs. Jerry put them on the grill and forgot to take them off until gently reminded by the clouds of smoke coming out of the grill. See – the problem is that Jerry's getting old and absent–minded, unlike the rest of us.

Loon on Her nest

One of the Loon nests in the channel. In this shot, as we got closer to the nest, Mommy got nervous, slunk down, and finally slid into the water. We backed off and won't get close again. For sure, we don't want to do anything to mess up the nesting success. Loons are far too precious for us.

Drawing of Channel Area By Peter

A "colorized" photograph by Peter Hunt. He took the shot looking down the shore from Jerry's dock and then played around with a painting program on his computer (sad to say not a Macintosh) to create this nice watercolor effect. We are offering autographed copies of it for $10, but you also get a five year subscription to Woman Lake Reports thrown in for free


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