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Thursday's Pictures For May 22, 2003

Jerry Replacing a Propellor

Jerry in the water, in his waders, and Katie on the deck, looking out toward the channel to the main lake. Why is Jerry in the water? I asked that too. He mumbled something about a log that rose up and struck his propeller as he was peacefully drifting around this morning (I didn't go out with him). The log was so vicious that he had to take the propeller off and take it in to the boat store to be repaired. So Jerry bought a new propeller and is putting it on in this picture.

I asked him if the log incident might really have something to do with Jerry's penchant for zipping around at high speed across certain very shallow parts of the lake, infested with stumps and logs and rocks. Jerry stuck to his story. You be the judge.

Katie and Rick on the Deck

When Katie got tired of supervising Jerry she went up on the deck of the cabin to investigate what Rick Zieman was up to. Again, you be the judge. If the Walleyes aren't in the lake, might they not be flopping around the back yard? (I've known Rick for 20–years – this is kind of thing is not unusual for him.) You'll notice that Katie has a very skeptical expression in both pictures.

 Prime Rib Dinner on Table

And then dinner tonight. Jerry had originally planned to have this magnificent prime to rib serve seven people. But they all left early. The three of us finished it off. This may be the best dinner that Jerry has ever made for us, and I'm talking 22–years

Rachel – what do you think?

Three-D Relief Map of Woman Lake

That's all friends – we'll be back with you in 2004.


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