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Longville's Ashes

A Burnt City Block

We kept hearing sirens on and off during the night at the cabin which was very unusual. In fact I can't ever remember hearing sirens at any time. Not even for impending inclement weather.

When we awoke we all speculated as to what had caused the ruckus. Jack and Lee decided to go to town for some supplies. When they returned they spun quite an unbelievable tale. They claimed that an entire block of Longville had burned to the ground.

Juris and several others climbed into my boat and off we went to town. We were shocked at what we saw. The entire block gone - The locals said that the fire started in what used to be the lumber yard, by a means that was yet to be determined. But the rumors were spreading. Because the lumber yard carried a considerable quantity of volatiles (paints, thinners, alcohols, etc), the fire spread very quickly to the Realty next door, then to the "Musky House" and finally to the gas station. Took all night to put it out with fire calls to all of the neighboring communities including Pine River, some thirty miles away. Did Leave A Funny Reminder Behind.

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