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Woman Lake Smallmouth Trophies

A State Record Smallmouth Bass?

A Twenty one and one half inch Smallmouth

No One Will Ever Know!

Better read Surprise on Woman Lake to find out why.

Several years after I caught this smallmouth, I dropped by the area DNR office located just 2 miles south of Walker on state highway 371. I wanted to be sure that they sent me the final report on the results on the 1996/97 Woman Lake Survey . As I entered the the office, my eyes chanced upon a smallmouth mount, on the wall. Actually, one could not help but see it, the size was astronomical! I nonchalantly waltzed closer to the mount so I could read the plaque as I was waiting. It read 8–lb 14–oz. My mind started to whirl. How is it that the state record is only 8 lb? Shouldn't this be the state record? That's gotta be it. It was only a fake.

As I was finishing my conversation with the DNR person in charge of the report, I just had to ask. "The smallmouth over there," pointing to the wall, "is it fake?" I asked. The DNR person replied, "NO." He then preceded to tell me this story. "It was caught in a gill net on Woman Lake several years ago, and we decided to have it mounted." I was astonished. "The unofficial state record really came out of Woman Lake", I thought. "To qualify as a state record, it must be taken on a line and hook," continued the DNR person. Whata shame. It is a beautiful mount. A great fish. He must look down from fish heaven and kick himself in the ass for being so stupid getting caught in a gill net.

Seems like every year someone lands a trophy smallmouth while fishing for Woman Lake walleyes.

Juris's Trophy Smallmouth
Caught while trolling the east shoreline north of Holiday Haven in three foot waves.
Length: 20 1/2-inches.
Spring 1996.
Andrews Trophy Smallmouth
Caught while drifting to the south past Government Point up on the rocks with a Lindy rig.
Length: 20 1/2-inches.
Spring 2001.
A Real Beauty Smallmouth
Caught while Lindy rigging for walleyes on Grindstone Lake, Hayward Wisconsin.
Length: – inches.
Spring .
A Grindstone Smallmouth
Caught on Grindstone Lake out in front Butterbaugh's Lakeview resort, while Lindy rigging at the dropoff.
Length: 19 1/4–inches.
Fall 1991.

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