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Typical Woman Lake Northern Pike

Pat Kelly Holding Northern

Patrick Kelly is holding a typical Woman Lake northern. The typical northern is anywhere from 19–inches to 22–inches. Northerns are just a pain–in–the–"– – –". They will more than likely "bite–off" the "hook, line & sinker" and, if landed, they have a slimy coating that gets all over your hands and boat. And what's worse – it has a bodacious odor. In the Spring of 96', they were more abundant than usual. Unfortunately, over the years, we seem to catch half as many of these critters as we do walleyes. However, in the year 2000, we caught equal amounts of walleye and northern. Since then, the ratio has increased in favor of the northern, much to our chagrin. In the spring of 2003, northerns outnumbered walleyes greater than 2 to 1.

Animated Musical Note "Where have all the walleyes gone."

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