Messi Bummed About Missing Hong Kong Match

Messi missing out on that soccer game in Hong Kong? Yeah, he’s pretty disappointed about it.

He Was Ready to Play

Messi, you know, the guy playing for Inter Miami in the MLS, was all geared up to hit the field against a Hong Kong XI. But, bummer alert, he didn’t get to play. Fans weren’t too happy about that. Messi says it’s because of an injury, but he was really itching to kick some ball.

Sharing His Regret

Messi spilled the beans to reporters about how bummed he was to miss the game. He loves being out there on the field, especially when fans are all hyped up to see him play.

The Fan Frenzy

You know Messi’s got a massive fan base, right? So, when Inter Miami was on their preseason tour in Hong Kong, it was a big deal. The stadium was packed with 40,000 fans, but things turned sour when Messi didn’t make an appearance.

Not a Fan Favorite Move

Fans weren’t exactly thrilled about Messi chilling on the bench. They booed, jeered, and even wanted refunds for their tickets. Even the Hong Kong government was “disappointed” that Messi didn’t get in the game.

Blame It on the Doc

Later on, Inter Miami’s manager spilled the beans. Messi and his buddy Luis Su├írez stayed put on the bench because of some advice from the medical staff. Looks like they weren’t fit enough to hit the field.

Looking Forward

The team’s in Tokyo now, gearing up for their next game against Vissel Kobe, a Japanese team. Messi’s hoping to get back on the field and make up for missing the Hong Kong match.

Staying Positive

Despite the setback in Hong Kong, Messi’s keeping his chin up. He gets why fans are upset, but he’s hoping Inter Miami will get another shot at playing there in the future.

Still Up in the Air

As for whether Messi’s playing against Vissel Kobe, well, it’s still a bit uncertain. But he’s feeling better and itching to get back into action.

So, let’s cross our fingers and hope Messi gets back out there soon!